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Windows Media Player
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Windows Media Player 12
Windows Media Player is the default video player for all devices operating on Microsoft Windows. Though it is the standard program, it is anything but basic.

Windows Media Player does a great job meeting the needs of users by performing basic video and audio playback, as well as displaying images. The most basic task that the program performs is viewing photos, while some of the more advanced capabilities are burning/ripping CDs, and transferring media to MP3 players.

Yet, versatility is the name of the game for Windows Media Player. The program can function like a music library, photo viewer, and media player – effectively eliminating the need for three separate programs. Thus, users can rely on the media program for a variety of functions, which makes it far more useful than many of its competitors.

While it may not be the most advanced player on the market, Windows Media Player is certainly a reliable program that users can depend on.

Software Review

Multi-functional media player standard on all Microsoft devices.

Microsoft has consistently created well-performing programs to complement its default operating system. Windows Media Player certainly is another one of those well-performing programs.

Windows Media Player is just what it sounds like – a media player which is meant to play back content such as videos, audio files, and images. Any PC loaded with Microsoft Windows automatically chooses the media player as the default, as it is the developer's own program.

With it, users can easily view photo albums, watch movies, or listen to audio files such as music. A host of advanced features are also included, such as enhanced video playback, portable device syncing, and CD burning/ripping.

Most notable though is the ability for users to transcode files into different formats.

Whether you’re having a lazy Sunday afternoon watching family videos, or blasting music for a wild party – Windows Media Player has got you covered.

Switch to Windows Media Player and see why Microsoft’s default audio program is loved by millions.

● Hassle-Free Video Playback - Watch content from a variety of sources without ever having to wait for a loading or buffering screen. Enjoy films, short clips, or series without any need to access a Wi-Fi network or internet connection.

● Rip and Burn Music – Collect and share epic music with friends and family by using Windows Media Player to copy and distribute content. Rip music from countless CDs, create epic mixes, or just burn a variety of songs directly to a compact disc.

● Mobile Device Syncing – Load up your phone or MP3 player with all of the media you’ve collected over the years. Transfer songs, playlists, videos, or series to any device with the simple click of a button.

● ActiveX Compatibility – Embed Windows Media Player into online websites via ActiveX to display images, audio files, and videos. Add content and videos to your business’ website, or create a photo album for your travel blog.

● Choose Windows Media Player today and experience the simplicity of Window’s own media player.

Windows Media Player is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Solaris.


Comparison of Alternative Programs:

BS.Player Free
BS.Player Free
Media Player Classic
Media Player Classic
Description A media player with many features Advanced media player ideal for offline viewing. Open-source media player ideal for classic movies and hits. Technical media player with included audio syncing and subtitle recognition.
Downloads 2,884 72,771 79,426 60,380
Price $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0
File Size 10.60 MB 62.60 MB 14.30 MB 47.20 MB

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Astro says:
  • Converts music and video from iTunes
  • Enhanced organization features simplify the process
  • Syncs computer files with mobile devices
  • Some less popular formats are unsupported
  • Album names, information not always recognized
Product Details
Rating:6 (Users18658)
Ranking in Media Players:4
Last rated on:
File size:25.00 MB
Last updated:1/10/2006
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, More...
Download count:158,900
Download count (All Languages):482,857

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